About Nomads.
We are alliance with strong 0.0 ambitions. We are here to PEW PEW and have fun.
Any corporation who decide to JOIN US! Will have a bright future in front of them!

Rokh You Like a Huricane!Rokh You Like a Huricane
Is our most active corporation. Focused on daily PvP roams in all time zones.
With its share of ratters and site runners. Makes good ISK flow for anyone who
decides to join it!

Credendo VidesCredendo Vides
Industrial focused corporation (with teeth) whom you can thank for all our SRP ships.
Manged by Rollards family and steady market for needs of us and our allies.
It is perfect choice for any Miners who enjoy good pvp as much as millions of minerals...

Scionian SolutionsScionian Solutions
PvP and Piracy is their daily bread and so they make honour to their name and alliance

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